WebKit/Gtk+ at LinuxConf Europe 2007

Yesterday’s talk on WebKit/Gtk+ at LinuxConf Europe was well received, and I was particularly impressed by the turnout considering that it was scheduled against Linus’ git BOF next door. The audience had more questions than there was time for, but those that I was able to answer were split mostly between questions about mobile performance/footprint and standards compliance.

The talk covers some of the history of both the WebKit browser engine and the WebKit/Gtk+ port, looks at the ethos of the developer community and explores current and planned features, such as SVG, Canvas and audio/video. It goes into detail about work involving the Nokia N800 internet tablet and Maemo as well as a brief look at integration work being done by the OpenMoko project, the state of play with OLPC and, of course, GNOME’s Epiphany web browser and Devhelp documentation browser.

WebKit/Gtk+ cover slide

Download WebKit/Gtk+ talk slides