WebKit HTML5 video support with GStreamer

What do you get when you take WebKit/GTK+, add GStreamer and finish off with a sprinkling of code from Clutter?

WebKit Video

GStreamer logoI’ve been working together with Pierre-Luc Beaudoin on a GStreamer-based media backend for WebKit.

Last week, we landed this work (#16145), which adds support for the WHATWG HTML5 video/audio specification allowing streaming media to be embedded in web pages without the need for plug-ins.

The last couple of days, I’ve been integrating this media backend with our Cairo-based graphics pipeline (#16356). The result is that streaming web video can now be CSS transformed, embedded in SVG, bounced around the page and generally manipulated with JavaScript.

And the screenshot? It’s a video (one of many GUADEC flicks rescued by Thomas Wood) of Federico talking about Sabayon, played back natively in Epiphany at an angle of 45┬░ and with an alpha value of 0.6.

The semi-transparent user controls superimposed on the video are defined entirely in HTML/CSS complete with animated transition effects (WebKit-only right now, other browsers will fall back gracefully).

Exciting stuff!